Montgomery Podiatry

Podiatry located in Huntingdon Valley, PA

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Montgomery Podiatry

Montgomery Podiatry in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, has been serving the greater Philadelphia region since 1988 and exists to deliver advanced, effective, and compassionate care to improve the podiatric health and well-being of our patients. The experienced team treats community members of all ages, offering expert diagnosis and a holistic approach to treatment for symptoms ranging from painful ingrown toenails to tendon rupture.

Patients at Montgomery Podiatry can expect the most advanced, innovative treatments for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, warts, Achilles tendonitis, athlete’s foot, ingrown toenails, toenail fungus, and foot fractures.

The team excels in managing structural foot problems like bunions, flat feet, and hammertoes, nerve problems like neuromas and diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and joint pain caused by arthritis and gout. People with long-term conditions like diabetes benefit from Montgomery Podiatry’s expert diabetic foot care and wound care for diabetic ulcers.

Conservative treatments the Montgomery Podiatry team offers include custom orthotics, regenerative medicine techniques like amniotic injections for healthy tissue growth and for treatment of sports injury, Swift® low-dose microwave therapy for plantar warts, and the Onyfix® nail correction system for ingrown toenails. Montgomery Podiatry’s highly skilled foot and ankle surgeons also perform minimally invasive surgery where required.

Dr. Stephanie Varghese is extensively trained and experienced in surgical procedures, with a focus on rearfoot and minimally invasive procedures. She also specializes in podiatric dermatological cases.  

Montgomery Podiatry welcomes runners and other athletes to the practice. Their sports fellowship-trained marathon runner, Ira Meyers, DPM, is an expert in running biomechanics and gait analysis, helping athletes train and compete injury-free.

To learn more about the wide-ranging, high-quality services available at Montgomery Podiatry, call the office in Huntingdon Valley or book an appointment online today.